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Ann Coulter: Brainless Ann Coulter: Brainless

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Brainless may be right....

To the review written by mtngem...

I don't really believe this was intended to be unbiased...this is a cartoon. If I wanted an unbiased, double-sided, even debate on the subject (or possibly even a debate that actually FEATURED Coulter) I would listen to the BBC or some other reputable news agency--not a pretty funny cartoon on a website (let's be honest) whose majority of viewership is kids!

Dishonoring? Do you mean that every person that dies can only be honored by killing another human being? Do you really have any idea what it means to take a human life? Maybe you do, because I'm not saying you are ignorant... just maybe a little unaware. Remember, an eye for an eye makes us all blind!

The requirement of force? Hmmm.... let's see... there was this thing called the cold war, and as close as we may have come, actual force was never required. As of right now, the UN security council is sending a list of punititve measures and benefits to Iran that are actually pulling the country away from obtaining nuclear weapons: no violence needed there either.

We talked to Saddam? We didn't just TALK to him... we put him there! (and you talked about doing your homework!)

I'm not standing on the side of guilty, but I do believe that statement is loaded in and of itself. If the accused WAS guilty, I do believe anyone would rise up against that person/entity. If someone told you a man was GUILTY of rape, who wouldn't want him in jail? See? A little loaded, eh? Sounds like you've put quite a good deal of spin on that little section of your argument!

Excluding those who have risen up and accepted responsibility for terrible terrorist actions, I don't think storming into countries on information that is far from verified simply because we believe, or let me rephrase that, TRUST that we are correct in our beliefs is a very responsible or even logical course of action. You have no idea what the true motives are for our entering into any conflict! Do you believe or trust everything that politicians tell you? I find it funny that some people can place their trust in things that don't deserve any whatsoever!

I'm not a mindless liberal who walks around with flowers... I'm a realist (sometimes mistaken as a cynicist), and sometimes I think the officials in the U.S. have a very difficult time understanding what diplomacy means, how to implement it, and how effective it can actually be! Bully or not, attempting diplomacy (through valid, i.e. UN, passages) for an extended period of time can usually do the job without resorting to taking lives and causing more people to become widowers and orphans.

I'm not saying that force is always unnecessary, just that maybe a little thought should go into whether that is the smartest thing to do before it is immediately implemented.

The cartoon was pretty funny, pretty biased, and jeez... it's hard to believe that someone actually like Coulter... hehe

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